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  Tracy L. Kelly has a proven track record in the mortgage

   industry.  She has established herself in 11 states as a

   mortgage broker, is FHA approved in 3 states, and has

   earned an excellent reputation by being honest and

   forthright when dealing with borrowers.  She is the

   broker and owner of one of the fastest growing female

   owned mortgage businesses in the United States 

   Tracy L. Kelly has survived not only the current

   economic status of mortgage banks, but also the

   negative connotations surrounding the name �mortgage broker� today.  Tracy is motivated, results-oriented and financially astute.  She has an excellent record of providing the best possible rate available for home buyers and those refinancing their existing property; always willing to give broker credit to those in need in order to get their loan to be most beneficial for their financial situation.  Tracy is dynamic and is deeply committed to providing a smooth and enjoyable transaction keeping lines of communication open between her and her clients, transaction coordinators and all involved in the process of a home mortgage.   Tracy is skilled in dealing with a wide variety of negotiations including traditional transactions, land sales, new construction, condo conversions, short sales, loss mitigation, refinance, and foreclosures; just to name a few.  Known for an exemplary level of integrity and knowledge, Tracy graciously upholds the standards set by her company, Kelly Mortgage and Realty, Inc., located in Aliso Viejo, CA.


Prior to launching her career in both the mortgage and real estate business, Tracy Kelly enjoyed a successful career in sales & marketing in various industries. Tracy has spent over 20 years in the communication industry, negotiating with high level executives and/or mom and pop shop owners.  Her past successes were in the sales and marketing aspects of the telecommunication business where she worked for one of the largest internet providers in the world.  Tracy has received numerous Top Sales Awards and continues to apply her honest work ethics to her own company.


Tracy is a genuine person who is exceptionally skilled in finding a home for almost every loan.  Her belief in herself and that �nothing in life is impossible if you are willing to work for it� motto, has made her the success she is today.  With a unique blend of creativity and knowledge, Tracy goes above and beyond her means to place her clients in the best possible rate and terms to suit their current financial needs.


Tracy resides in Aliso Viejo, CA.  She was born and raised primarily in Costa Mesa/Newport Beach, CA and prides herself as being one of few true California girls.  She is passionate about being a good mother and raising her son to be a confident, compassionate and loving individual.  Her family is the reason she chose this line of work,  being a broker gives her the ability to be home making her appointments work around her family�s needs, rather than a nine to five where her life is prioritized around her job.  This freedom also allows for her to be under less stress giving her clients 100% of her attention when they require her time and care in their financial decisions.


 When the time comes to make your next mortgage decision, please give Tracy a call to schedule a consultation. She will then set off in the pursuit of your goals.  Whether you are buying, selling, building or leasing a home, Tracy L. Kelly has the ability to find your loan a home.  She will ensure an unprecedented level of service throughout your mortgage endeavor.

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